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Apple iPhone 4G Mini Review 2010 !! Time to Get One !!

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Apple iPhone 4G Mini Review 2010 !! Time to Get One !!

All of us knew that iPhone 4G had just introduced at the 2010 WWD Conference. The new iPhone 4G includes the new iOS 4 operating system. June 24th is the date set for shipping around the US. Price for the iPhone 4G set at $199 16GB and $299 32GB model.

iPhone 4G FaceTime , video phone call

The new iPhone has improved so much that you cant tell the difference from the old. Features like video calling and non-pixelized screens make it sparkling clear. The iPhone 4G also have a longer battery life, and a better wifi system.

iPhone 4G Retina Display

The retina has a total of 960×340 display with 340 pixels per inch(ppi). The screen will look fantastic.The chip that powers the iPad will be the chip that also Powers the new iPhone. The Gyroscope, when combined with the accelerometer and the compass, brings an amazing six axis gaming possibility.
Record HD Video with 5MP camera on iPhone 4G

The iPhone’s camera systems are not to miss!, the iPhone 4G comes with a 5 megapixel camera and a backside illumidated sensor.Which combine to offer great picture and video support.Steve Jobs also said that It’ll also record videos 720p at 30 fps, which is a very fast speed for a video phone.

Multitasking on iPhone 4G with the latest OS4

More features like book reading were applied to this new iPhone 4G to bring a whole new experience of e-book reading. Expect more features to be incorporated soon.

For the meantime, you can continue drooling on the latest iPhone 4G from  while waiting for it to be shipped to Malaysia. You might be asking what is the price of a iPhone 4G ? I would say it would definitely be priced around RM2000 with commitment from the telco company.

Maybe Maxis or DiGi will sell the iPhone 4G but who knows maybe Celcom is on their way to negotiate a deal with Apple ?

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