Sunday, May 16, 2010

Result of Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 ! Miss Nadine Ann Thomas wins it !!

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Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 Winner, Miss Nadine Ann Thomas !

Wanna know the result of Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 ? After weeks of training, and guess who won the coveted title ?*drumroll* Lets give a big applause to Miss Nadine Ann Thomas !! *claps* She had beaten Mourhrna Anneta Reddy and Vera Hui plus the remaining contestants en route to winning this grand competition.
1st Runner Up Mourhrna Anneta Reddy

2nd place went to Mourhrna Anneta Reddy, a Model and Law Graduate while Vera Hui an airstewardess was the 2nd runner up. Vera Hui,so happen is the daughter of my dad's best friend in their schooldays !!

Vera Hui, 2nd Runner up, pretty isnt it ?

I can hear his joy and excitement when my dad ring him up after looking at the result from the Internet. Many congrats to Vera Hui and her family and of course not to mention, all the contestants who worked very hard throughout the whole competition.

Gonna end my post soon and I would like to express my dissatisfaction towards NTV7 as they are supposed to broadcast a delayed telecast at 11pm of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 but it all ended with an empty hope. Not only you made me waited, my whole family members were gluing in front of the tele awaiting the program !!

Anyways, congrats to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 champion, Nadine Ann Thomas !!

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Ken Wooi said...

congrats to all, and especially to your friend =)

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