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Lin Dan Insulting Break Dance After Beating Chong Wei in Thomas Cup 2010

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Lin Dan Insulting Break Dance After Beating Chong Wei in Thomas Cup 2010

As much as I like to see Lin Dan plays his awesome badminton skills, I do hate to see his cockiness on the court. Yeah, I know, the Malaysian press had always been putting high hopes on Lee Chong Wei delivering the first point for the team in the 2010 Thomas Cup. Never do they foresee,seeing him to eventually falter to the hands of Lin Dan.

Not a usual sight for Lee Chong Wei's fans

Lin Dan at his usual cockiness, added insult to the defeat of Chong Wei by pumping his fist and doing a break dance on the court as if to tell the Malaysian supporters that "Who's Chong Wei ? Im still the best player in the world !!"

Of Lin Dan doing his insulting break dance in Thomas Cup 2010

Go screw yourself Lin Dan and what the heck are you doing this on the Malaysian soil ? What do you want to prove ? Its just Thomas Cup and no ranking points is accumulated. And yes, you should remain No.2 behind Lee Chong Wei.

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan ? Who's better ?

On the other hand, no doubt we have been outplayed by the Chinese players but hopefully this would give a good lesson to all the players to improve themselves further if they are to gunning all out to win grand championships in the future.

Its sad to say that Malaysia did not field their strongest team for the 2010 Thomas Cup but on the bright side, we can see backup players such as Ho Thien How performed brilliantly under pressure with his scratch partner.

There's still hope for Malaysian badminton players, the new generation needs more exposure and practice to them blossoming into the future Lee Chong Wei or even Lin Dan to revive our nation's glory in this sport !!

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Ken Wooi said...

but it seems that lin dan was super happy to beat chong wei.. perhaps he thinks he should be world #1.. =)

fikah © said...

i just love the way Ho Thien How played that day. he reminded me of markis kido of Indonesian doubles.
just love their style of aggressiveness.
good report indeed, on the semi-finals.

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

yea..he's cocky..but it can't be helped...he's that damn good..Taufik couldn't stand any chance in beating him...we can hate him etc..but he's that damn good..hehe

Money$ said...

Yes agree! Lin Dan deserve it although he is cocky, but who can beat down him easily.. Breakdance is to prove he is not no.1 and is it important to be No.1, as long as the he has No.1 skill & speed.. He really enjoy the game..

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