Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amber Chia is 3-Months Pregnant !! Congrats !!

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Amber Chia is 3 months pregnant !! Congrats !

The cat is out of the bag !! Amber Chia has announced on her website that she is 3-months pregnant !! A surprised and excited mum to be is really anticipating her first child with her recently marriage to Adrian Wong at Bali.

The 29 year old Malaysian supermodel has always stressed that she wanted to be a mum before she hits 30. Well, now you got it, Amber !! Congrats to both of you and Adrian Wong.

Amber Chia also mentioned that whether its a boy or a girl, the baby is heading straight to the modelling direction following her footsteps.

Amber Chia Married to Adrian Wong in Bali on 25th March 2010

Amber married Adrian, her manager-cum-business partner, in a hush-hush ceremony in Bali on March 25.The couple dated on the quiet for one and a half years before deciding to tie the knot.

Read about Amber Chia's unveiled pregnancy story here @

Read about Amber Chia and Adrian Wong Marriage in Bali @

5 Shot(s):

Ken Wooi said...

normal la.. pregnant edy, faster get married =P

SBdude said...

i kinda agree with you, thats why la =)

Sassy said...

She is on target to have a baby before 30. Very good family planning...

Merryn said...

just hope that the baby will inherit HER looks instead of adrian's.. :D

engrape finance said...

congrats :)

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