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Betel Nut Beauty,顏如憶 Wrestled & Dragged By Police in Public

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Betel Nut Beauty,顏如憶 Wrestled & Dragged By Police in Public

Many Taiwan girls are earning extra income by selling betel nuts. To attract their customers which mostly are mens, these betel nut girls had to wear skimpy and revealing outfits to increase their sales. But not for this girl, Yan RuYi 顏如憶. She was manhandled and wrestled by police.

Yi Yan / Yan RuYi 顏如憶  is a betel nut girl doing her business in the streets of Taipei and came a few policemen approaching her. They were warning her that her outfits were deemed indecent as they are too short.

The woman was outraged with the remarks and they start quarreling. As both parties getting heated up, a fight broke out with a policeman manhandled 顏如憶,wrestled and overthrown her to the ground as she started to retaliate.
Yi Yan,顏如憶 is a famous part-time model, maybe they are jealous of her.

Yi Yan,顏如憶 is about 40kgs and 160cm tall while the policeman weighs at double her weight and about 170cm in height.

Couldn't bear with the retaliation, the police starts to handcuff Yi Yan 顏如憶 like a prisoner. Not giving up, she starts to break free and continue hitting the police. Yi Yan顏如憶 was then dragged on the floor till the police car came.
Injuries to her feet

The result? That police officer sustained bruises and injuries on his left eye, hand and legs while Yi Yan 顏如憶 had similar injuries causing her a few broken fingernails in the process.

Yi Yan 顏如憶 injured her finger nails in the fight

Yi Yan 顏如憶 might be charged for a 3-year jail term was later transferred to other department pending to further investigation for causing a public distraught.

In addition to selling betel nuts, Yi Yan 顏如憶 is also part time model for men's magazine,plus her blog is so famous that it helps magazines to advertise.

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