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David Gurnani of Indonesia, Winner of The Biggest Loser Asia Season 1 !!

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David Gurnani of Indonesia, Winner of The Biggest Loser Asia Season 1 !!

Congrats to David Gurnani of Indonesia for becoming the winner of the 1st Season of The Biggest Loser Asia(TBLA) 2010 !! No doubt all his hard work of intense training had paid off handsomely for him. Got the bragging rights of the champion of TBLA and also walked away with $100,000 and also a Renault Koleous SUV !!

The show was delayed for an hour due to some technical errors but everything went smoothly afterward as flashbacks of the whole 2 1/2 months were shown and followed introduction of the contestants of the 2 teams.

David Gurnani of Indonesia, Winner of The Biggest Loser Asia Season 1 !!

One of the shocking moments was before the 2nd commercial break, Garry Holden paused Sarimah Ibrahim as he went on to proposed his marriage to his beloved future wife in front of the live audiences !! That's like so sweet.."Love is in the air tonight" as Sarimah quoted.

Overall, David Gurnani had beaten the other 3 finalist, Aaron Mokthar, Martha Lai, Carlo Miguel with a staggering total of 83kgs !! Congrats to him again and of course Fitness First to be able to come out with a training regime that made losing that amount of weight possible !!

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Peggy said...

David may have lost the most weight. But how? Training? I saw lots of hanging skin on bones but no muscle tone and he appeared to be exhausted. I have heard of contestants starving themselves and sitting in saunas to take off the weight just to win the money. I hope he did lose the weight with diet and exercise and his health is not at risk. I congratulate him and wish him the best for a healthy future.

ohmywtf said...

omg...82kg is more than my weight! Good for him and i hope he will be able to maintain the healthy lifestyle! :-)

Gorilla said...

I think David went to all extremes to loose the weight. I read one Biggest Loser US contestant say he starved himself by taking only water with lime and pepper 10 days before the last weighin whilst he was going to saunas and jogging in a scuba suit. On the last day he never take anything. After the contest he regained 20 lbs in 1 week just by drinking water.

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