Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And The Winner of The Biggest Loser Asia Goes To....

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The winner and the award of Biggest Loser Asia goes to..

IT IS all over – the drama, tears, gruelling workouts and fierce competition that were an integral part of the first season of The Biggest Loser Asia.

The show climaxes tonight when the four top finalistsMalaysia’s Aaron Mokthar, 30; Hongkong’s Martha Lai, 19; the Philippines’ Carlo Miguel, 32; and Indonesia’s David Gurnani, 25 – appear on stage to show off their new physique and determine who scored the highest percentage of weight loss.

The event will be held at 9pm at the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas)’s studio at Jalan Ampang, Selangor, and will be aired live on Astro’s Hallmark Channel. Contestants eliminated earlier will also return to join the final four to show whether they have succeeded in shedding their excess weight on their own.

The red team under personal trainer Kristy Curtis and the blue team under Dave Nuku.

The first season of The Biggest Loser Asia saw 18 contestants holed up together at a villa in A’Famosa Resort in Malacca for 13 weeks.

My bet will be on the Philippines Carlo Miguel to win the Biggest Loser Asia !!

Log into the official website - http://www.biggestloserasia.com/

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SBdude said...

Argghh Carlo lost out to King David at last !!


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