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Super Junior Msia Ticket Launch on 6 Feb with 15% Discount

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Super Junior Msia Ticket Launch on 6 Feb with 15% Discount

Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2” Live in Malaysia 2010, Official Ticket Launch on 6 Feb 2010 with 15% Discount. Fyi, RM138 and RM238 Tickets Sold Out. Go experience the launch day at Sungei Wang from 12pm onwards. Read further, chinese version after this english article.

Breaking the record ticket sales of Asian concert in Malaysia, Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2” Live in Malaysia 2010, nearly 40% of the concert tickets were sold out in less than a week during the Ticket Pre-sale. RM138 and RM238 ticket categories were totally sold out. Especially RM138 ticket category was gone within 2 hours of the Pre-Sale itself. Fans started to queue at 7am and the queue lasted for 12 hours, an unseen ticket-grabbing phenomenon over the past decade.

To continue the Super Junior Tsunami, the organizer, Redstar Presents and concert management, Marctensia will kick off the Official Ticket Launch on Saturday, 6 February 2010 at concourse level, Sungei Wang at 12pm. There will be 15% discount on each concert tickets.

At the ticket launch, a dance group named Progression from MY SJ will perform the dance hit “Sorry, Sorry” at the Ticket Launch and provide dance workshop on-the-spot so that all fans can warm up to the song before the concert. There will be games on stage with great prized to be won!

Organised by Redstar Presents and event managed by Marctensia; SM Entertainment & Dream Maker as Concert Supervisors; Warner Music Malaysia as record label; Supported by Korea Tourism Organization; one FM and Hot FM as official radio stations; YG & Epop as official Chinese magazines; Redbox, Greenbox & Redbox Ria as official karaoke; Speedy as promo partner, Daorea Korean BBQ as official Korean Restaurant and Special Thanks to Freak and Radioactive; 

Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”Live in Malaysia 2010 is kicking off on Saturday, 20 March 2010, 7pm at Putra Indoor Stadium.

Ticket price categories are divided into RM138 (all sold out), RM238 (all sold out) and RM458 with numbered seat or Rock Pitt. For further info, please contact Marctensia at 03 2092 1199 or log on to To online purchase tickets, please call to Axcess at 03 7711 5000 or

Super Junior大馬演唱會2月6日首賣折扣15%

打破華人大馬演唱會記錄,“SUPER JUNIOR 2010亞洲巡回大馬演唱會Super Show 2”在短短一星期的預購期間就已售出超過40%的演唱會門票,RM138及RM238的門票已經全部售罄,而RM138的演唱會門票更在預購會的首2小時內被歌迷搶購一空,歌迷大清早苦守金河廣場的熱烈與瘋狂程度絕對可以堪稱近年來演唱會最轟動的購票盛況。

為了持續這股勢氣如虹的SJ熱潮,主辦單位Redstar Presents與演唱會統籌Marctensia確定在2月6日(星期六) 中午12時于金河廣場底層大廳舉辦門票首賣會,讓蠢蠢欲動的哈韓一族毋需猶豫,現場即刻以15%的優惠折扣購買演唱會門票。

另外,SJ大馬后援會也將于首賣會當天呈現“Sorry Sorry”精彩舞蹈演出,并進行現場教學,讓所有歌迷一同暖身齊跳這首紅遍全亞洲的”Sorry Sorry”。首賣會當天也設有游戲環節,而跳的最突出的歌迷也將獲贈神秘禮物一份。

由Redstar Presents魅力主辦,Marctensia為演唱會統籌,SM Entertainment與 Dream Maker為演唱會監督,大馬華納音樂為唱片公司,韓國觀光社為全力支持單位,one FM與hot FM為指定電臺,YG與epop雜志為指定中文雜志,Redbox、Greenbox及Redbox Ria為指定卡拉OK,Daorea Korean BBQ為指定韓國餐館,Speedy 為宣傳伙伴,Freak與Radioactive為特別鳴謝單位, 

“SUPER JUNIOR 2010亞洲巡回大馬演唱會Super Show 2” 將在3月20日(星期六)晚上7點于Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil氣勢開唱

演唱會票價分別為RM138(售罄), RM238(售罄)及RM458(對號入座或搖滾區)。以了解更多演唱會詳情,請撥打Marctensia熱線03-20921199或瀏覽;有意購票者可以撥打AXCESS熱線:03-77115000或瀏覽

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