Saturday, February 6, 2010

HK Artistes,Twins Making A Sensational Comeback ??

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Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung of Twins announcing their comeback

All eyes are on Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung after they announced their plan to come back as Twins and have a concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in April in conjunction with Twins’ 10th anniversary.

Prior to that, Charlene, 27, and Gillian, 29, have reunited to do a promotion clip for good friend Wing Shya’s new movie Hot Summer Days.

The theme of the concert, Everybody, Bounce, might offer a hint or two to their state of mind.

With their hair combed back, the girls are seen channelling the rocker look as they apply smoky eye make-up and don black leather jackets and long black boots.

“It’s been a long time since we last worked together. It’s going to be different. We were also worried that our fans had forgotten Twins. Then, there’s the question of whether the concert will sell or not.

“But this is our 10th anniversary and we really want to celebrate it. We believe that everything will be okay, as long as Gillian and I have a common goal,” Charlene said.

Recalling how the Edison Chen photo scandal has changed their lives, Charlene said Gillian has become more mature.

What’s more, a new record will soon follow. Hopefully Twin's will continue entertaining their fans and forget bout the past.

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