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Samsung Corby Carnival By Nuffnang For Nuffnangers !!

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Just got to know bout this awesome Samsung Corby Carnival when I was checking my Nuffnang account. To my delight, I scored a Metered Earning for this advert. As an appreciation, I'm gonna re-intro the whole event to you !! The end of the year 2009 is near and Nuffnang is proud to bring you the first Nuffnang event for 2010!

Courtesy of Samsung, Nuffnangers will be kicking off the New Year with the Samsung Corby Carnival with Nuffnang! It's going to be a fun filled event at the Sunway Extreme Park where it's filled with adrenaline rush. As much as we love parties, we love having fun too! At the Samsung Corby Carnival, Nuffnangers will get to get all kinds of fun thanks to the special games and activities Nuffnang had arranged for you!

How To Get Invited? It's really simple!
  1. Write a blog post titled "Color Me Corby" and share with your readers how colorful your life is (literally or non-literal)
  2. Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.
  3. Submit your details, permalink and upload your photo at the Submit Page
The first 75 Nuffnangers to submit valid entries will get an invite to the Samsung Corby Carnival!

What’s at the Samsung Corby Carnival?
It’s a fun filled carnival with lots of interesting activities. If you are a fan of paintball, you might not want to miss this chance to battle on the ground alongside with your members! But wait, paintball is not the only activity you will be expecting, there are more that will make you go all hyper and fun! You’ll be grouped into 4 different groups and take part in different games where each group is to compete with each other

All attendees to the Samsung Corby Carnival will receive a goody bag with attractive merchandises and a team T-shirt to be worn on the day itself.

The winning group of the Samsung Corby Carnival will win a Samsung Corby mobile touch phone for each of its member while the first runner up group will win a total cash prize of RM3,000!

If you want to win a brand new phone or cash prize just by having fun at an all-expense-paid event, look no further and start writing your blog post now! More details at the Nuffnang Samsung Corby Carnival Page

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