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The Opera Sunway Pyramid - Latest Review

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The Opera, new club in Sunway Pyramid - My Personal Review

Alright, here's my review on this new club,The Opera in Sunway Pyramid. Went there with a bunch of buddies for the soft launch. I myself don't frequent clubs but since The Opera is giving free entrance and free flow of beer and cocktail, I tell to myself, "Hey, thats cool !! why not give a try? " As usual, very high expectations since it's slated to be one of the best club in Sunway. What's my verdict ? If you don't like criticisms, might as well stay away from this post. LOL !

The event started at 8pm. As we all know the Malaysian timing and traffic jam after working hours, we were able to gather at the entrance roughly 9pm. Then this usher came to us and asking us to register via SMS for a free entrance. My friend said she made a reservation but to my surprise there's no one in charge of the booking table thingy. Damn pissed !! it made no difference whether you made the reservation or not and still have to cramp with the rest who didn't.
NO-NO POINT 1 - Bad Impression !! Felt like being SCAMMED !!!

Registered and entered the club. It seemed that the first floor (Main Room - The Theatre) are for the VIP's and Media. Ok, that I understand since its a soft launch and the club needs promotion right ? We're forced to walk up a tight stairway to second floor (The Long Lounge). Basically its a bright bluey environment to chill out whereby you can overlook the Sunway Pyramid and be seen by other people too from the ouside !!

We cared less about the Long Lounge and proceed to another floor. The next floor is basically the second floor of the Main Room. ( Long Lounge is an outer area that wrapped the Main Room, got it? ) Well, nothing to shout about this place. I would say the walkway is abit spacious but at least you have room to walk when there's lotsa people. Selling point here is, you can overlook the whole main floor for performances of the night while chilling out at your comfy chair. Yes, its damn comfy till a point that you might fall asleep !!

Climbed another floor, Yup !! its a three storey high club. It might looked big and majestic from outside but its kinda not so spacious on the inside. The rooftop is known as The Observatory. And also nothing to shout about this place. Caused its like a bar, where you order your drinks and chill out for the rest of the night at the peak of The Opera. Not so bad after all. But not last night. Its horrendous, packed like sardin.

Since its a free flow night we decided that we should stop at this floor for the drink. Yah man, its so darn hot after walking up few hundred steps !! But had no choice caused the floors below are so packed till we cant even jostled in to get our free drinks. Yeah,WTF right ?
NO-NO POINT 2 - Damn hot, only got fans, at least fit it some air-cons. Music Please !!

Its free flow and that's where the bad side of Malaysian can be seen. Had no patience, cutting queue, uttering foul language to get their drinks from the bar tender. I understand cause the bar had no proper system in their work due to shortage of waiters. But there was only ONE!! seasoned bartender to give out drinks to everyone and to my surprise, the waiters don't even bother to at least lend a hand or two to help him apart from giving him more pressure !! waited for 20minutes, dint get our drink and it's time to say BYE-BYE !!
NO-NO POINT 3 - Eff-ing bad service, bad coordination, no proper system !!

And my verdict ? We walked out the club in anger and full of disappointment around 945pm !! Yes, its only 45minutes and you will get bored like hell. Its like better spending your time and money on movie in the cinema,at least you get a comfy chair and peace of mind. I felt  like as though we are being scammed to go there for nothing. And oh, after 10pm, the crowd started to disperse to other clubs nearby with a long long face !! No free drinks and have to pay. For what ?

I hope my post will get noticed by The Opera of Sunway people, at least do some justice to your newly opened club. If these problems are not fixed asap, better open somewhere else rather than clustering the Sunway area with other more established clubs.

The only thing that can make you laugh in The Opera !! Naughty Mr.Pang, your name was published !!

Understandably, its just a soft launch but at least do some great stuffs,better services to impress your target market rather making a big hoo-haa about new concepts and at last the clubbers got disappointed and go for somewhere else.

Here's the contact number for The Opera, Sunway Pyramid for reservations.
1) Table reservations , 0356379881 *it worked*
2) 014-721 7593
3) 010-242 7425

Cover charge for The Opera - inclusive of one drink, Ladies Night - Thursday
Sun-Tues- Guys RM28 nett, Ladies FREE.
Wed-Thurs- Guys RM38 nett, Ladies FREE,
 Fri-Sat - Guys RM48 nett, Ladies RM38 nett

Full details of the club at my previous post if you wanna know more about and location The Opera,Suwany Pyramid. Click HERE

Just curious to know if you frequent clubs in Sunway. Is Barcelona closed ? What was the reason ? Was Ladies Night on Wednesday according to my friend. Heard it got raided few times ?

Thanks alot to my buddies, at least we got to visit 5 main clubs in Sunway Pyramid area in a night. The Opera, Coco Banana, Hello Bali, The Republic, and Euphoria MOS. Crazy huh ? The best was, its free entrance for everyone in those clubs. Tee-Hee !!

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Sophia Lai said...

Loves this post. Opera was sucky!

jfook said...

nanged. Thought of going some day. But since it's not nice, then might as well don't waste my time and money going

SBdude said...

thanks bro..well, maybe you can enter before 10pm for free cover charge to check it out la before making your decision.

For me, I guessed its a big No-No =)

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