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The Opera - New Club in Sunway Pyramid

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The Opera - New Club In Sunway Pyramid !!

New clubbing scene in Sunway Pyramid after MOS Euphoria and Barcelona. What? Another new club? Yupz, it is by the name of The Opera, modelled after the renowned La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy. With 3 seperate rooms and concepts, Main Room, The Long Lounge and The Observatory with a total of 20,000 sq. ft. Officially opened today,22nd of December.

The Opera is the place with daily Cirque Nouveau Performances featuring acrobatic/circus troupes from China, Russia, etc! Video DJ'ing and Live Band Performances during Happy Hours and showcasing Global, Regional and Local Recording Artists & DJs all year round. Nonetheless,also featuring performances by opera singers, martial artists, magicians and more.

The Theatre
Over 8000 sq feet of space, this is the main room. From the ground floor, patrons will party with a sweeping view of this three storied opera house where the mezzanine is flanked on both sides with luxury VIP boxes, a commanding view from the rear, and on the fore and from the high ceilings sets the stage for the Opera’s performances.

Cirque Nouveau, or ‘New Circus’, will be the most unique feature of the Opera. The term Cirque Nouveau was made famous and became widely used since Cirque du Soleil became a household name by combining music, circus-style acts and elaborate costumes. There are no animals used in this type of circus and influences are drawn as much from contemporary culture as from circus history.

At the Opera, you will experience daily performances by acrobats, contortionist, trapeze acts, gymnast and martial artists; all blending in their acts with modern club tracks by regional and international DJs as well as video dj-eing where music videos are mixed and played on giant LED screens. Live bands, concerts will also take stage and there will be both Italian and Chinese opera performers and singers to add novelty to this grand theatre.

The Observatory
Located on the rooftop of the Opera with a space of 4000 sq feet, this area holds several functional bars, which makes it an ideal place for functions, private parties and events. Here the party is set where the atmosphere is al fresco with the music filling the night air and stars replacing club lights against the sky as the backdrop. With big projector screens and several seating choices, ‘the Observatory’ just like ‘the Long Lounge’, provides a more relaxed and chilled-out ambience for patrons - a perfect antithesis to the certain to be wild Opera’s main room.

The Long Lounge
Hugging this stand alone building, the Long Lounge provides the ideal environment to relax with class whether one wants to escape traffic and enjoy the best happy hour deals in Sunway, chill out from the main room or to dine – a menu offering both local and international dishes. Located behind clear glass panels, this ultra-trendy lounge overlooks the mall and definitely the place to see and be seen!

Map To The Opera, Sunway Pyramid

There will be a soft launch tomorrow night, Wednesday,23rd December. Free entrance before 10pm and best of all ! Free flow of drinks from 8pm to 10pm !! It is advised to make reservations asap cause it will be real happening night !!

Hopefully can capture some nice photos to show you tomorrow and blog about it. But be sure to come and join in the fun at The Opera kay ?

Here's the contact number for The Opera, Sunway Pyramid for reservations.
1) Table reservations , 0356379881 *it worked*
2) 014-721 7593
3) 010-242 7425

Cover charge for The Opera - inclusive of one drink, Ladies Night - Thursday
Sun-TuesGuys RM28 nett, Ladies FREE.
Wed-ThursGuys RM38 nett, Ladies FREE,
 Fri-Sat - Guys RM48 nett, Ladies RM38 nett

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