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My Top 5 Treat List

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It's time to treat myself to a free Dell Inspiron 13 !!

It must be that sense of deja vu. I've just done a mini review on Dell Inspiron 13 (right click,open in new tab) and was jumping for joy when I stumbled upon a Nuffnang Advertorial persuading us, bloggers to join Dell Inspiron 13 contest. While I was typing that post, I was hoping if there's any competition that would allow me to join and win that precious Dell Inspiron 13. My wish came true and here, myself trying my very best to attempt this competition with high hopes of winning the coveted laptop.

Here it goes, my Top 5 Treat List that I've been eyeing for some time !! 

  • Manchester United 2009/2010 Season Home Jersey
  • A trip to Old Trafford, home to Manchester United Football Club aka Theatre of Dreams
  • Nikon D90 DSLR camera
  • My crave - Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chips with Vanilla Syrup Frappuccino
  • Dell Inspiron 13 in Cherry Red !!

Financially wise I'm kinda tight lately, all I could do is drool on this Manchester United jersey whenever I stumbled upon it at any sports outlet. It would be great to add this jersey to my Manchester United's merchandise collection. And of course to show it off whenever my team is winning !! Glory Glory Man United !!

As a Manchester United fan, my lifetime dream would be having an opportunity to visit Old Trafford, home to the most famous football club in the world ! 

I would really love to upgrade my dimwit digital camera to this super awesome Nikon D90 DSLR camera. It would be my perfect companion for some photography session. Pictures quality wise are crisps clear !!

Of course the most realistic treat that I can afford still, is a cup of iced cold Starbucks Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. Having a sip is a bliss and its so addictive, paired together with a slice of cheese cake,ooo, H.E.A.V.E.N !! arggh !! I'm already craving for it..

And lastly, a Dell Inspiron 13 in Cherry Red, my favourite colour ! Why red ? Because it is synonymous with "luck" in Chinese saying, "Hong" in  Cantonese/Mandarin and "Ang" in Hokkien. Owning one will definitely bring me luck and prosperity throughout my daily life.

What is so special about Dell Inspiron 13 despite being the talk of town lately ? It'll make you go head over heels as it smooth round edges and crisps clean line are designed to inspire. The drooling doesnt just stop here as there are more to boast about this exciting product from Dell

To show off the colour animal in you, Dell Inspiron 13 has 3 sexy colours to choose from which are Alpine WhiteObsidian Black and Cherry Red  !! Whichever you prefer,its either you get one or ALL !! Any excuses of not getting one is unaccepted.

It is definitely Cherry Red for me as I'm an avid fan of Manchester United and Red is my favourite colour. I'm imagining myself in a Man Utd jersey hanging out in Starbucks sipping my favourite drink while showing off my Cherry Red Dell Inspiron 13. For sure, the laptop and the owner himself will be the centre of attraction in the cafe. Wuhoo..

Did I mentioned about the Dell Inspiron 13's connectivity ? It is equipped with the latest wireless support of up to 802.11n connections and not to be missed is the built-in Bluetooth capability. Browsing the Net and sharing files has never been so fun and exciting !

And oh, it also comes with a Dell Webcam Central that allows you to connect with your loved one with amazing ease. If I am able to watch a match of Man Utd playing in Old Trafford, I must bring this laptop along. Why ? Imagine Wayne Rooney had just nick in a crucial goal and this priceless moment is being broadcast live from the stadium to the my friends who are in Malaysia ! Such a glorious moment especially if they are supporting the opposing team.

There will never be a single dull moment when Dell Inspiron 13 is around you as a 13.3” 16:9 WLED HD panel with native 720p resolution in Dell TrueLife display produces the most vivid and true life experience of Hi-Def viewing. Having it would enable me to watch my favourite HD movies on the go without the fuss of having to squint or lean very close to a laptop any more ! Plus, your loved ones get to share the same experience together. 

You too can enjoy the same HD viewing experience by hooking up this baby to a LCD TV with an optional upgrade of ATI Radeon HD 4330 graphics card pairing it with a HDMI cable. Playing the latest intensive 3D games with the Dell Inspiron 13 immersing you in the realm of the game that you are playing. Its vivid and its real-life !!

Performance wise, this sexy laptop is a workhorse. With the latest Intel Core 2 Duo Processor delivering extra 50% performance, making sure that multitasking is always in full speed without the feel of sluggishness. As a person who loves photography, editing tons of photos while listening to my favourite tunes is now possible.

Window 7 operating system comes bundled with the latest Dell Inspiron 13. It is definitely a plus-point as it launched just at the right time. Paired together, the Dell Inspiron 13 is the envy of many tech-enthusiast and laptop users alike. Myself was not spared too !! I really needed it badly to cure my crave on the Dell Inspiron 13 !!

This makes the Dell Inspiron 13a perfect balance in an unbalanced world
Since you had spent some precious time reading this post,the kind chaps at Dell is rewarding you a special code,7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 of a RM100 Instant Cash Redemption to anyone who wants to purchase a Dell Inspiron 13(S51070MY). You can use this special code to purchase this lovely laptop online or by calling them at 1800-88-0301. Hurry up !! as this exclusive deal ends on the 5th November.


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