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Dell Inspiron 13 - Review

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The latest Dell Inspiron 13 is available now for you

Was flipping through The Star newspaper just now and saw a Dell brochure attached to it. I was taken by surprise to see how much Dell has updated and improvised their laptop and desktop line. Everything was looking so nice and tempting. But most importantly, the aesthetics and performance are on par with the price-point which in turn equals to an affordable deal ! What caught my attention most is their latest laptop, the Dell Inspiron 13.

Since I'm a Dell laptop user myself (Dell Inspiron 14 which I bought Jan last year to be exact), I felt that Dell's machine has never left me down. Paired with top notch services and reliable after sales support, its no doubt that Dell has always been on top of their game.

I was so curious about the latest Dell Inspiron 13 and that lead me to browse the Net for more details. True to its name,- Slim, lightweight and portable, the Dell Inspiron 13 is designed with touches that exude contemporary appeal.

Dell Inspiron 13 - Sexy and Sleek Laptop

Physically wise, it is very thin measuring only 322mm in width,while 27mm front /31mm back in height and has a depth of 218mm. Certainly very portable and mind you its a 13 inch laptop. Therefore, you will be able to slot into your bag or just lugging around in the grasp of your hand easily. It comes in 3 colors which are the Alpine WhiteObsidian Black and Cherry Red to suit your taste.

Dell Inspiron 13 comes in a 13.3” 16:9 WLED HD panel with native 720p resolution in Dell TrueLife display to produce the most vivid and true life experience of Hi-Def viewing. Built together with WiFi capabilities and Bluetooth connectionbrowsing the Net and sharing files has never been so fun and easy !

Performance wise, it is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor for multitasking at full speed without the feel of sluggishness. Bundled with latest operating system, the Windows 7 of 64-bits system (yes,you did not read wrongly nor typo), this laptop is definitely a performance powerhouse !

Starting from RM2299, this power packed laptop is definitely a bargain !The best part of all, Dell allows you to freely pick and match your desired specifications whereby you can do it from the luxury of your home or working area 24/7, 365 days !!

This makes the Dell Inspiron 13a perfect balance in an unbalanced world..
Drooling over it already ? You can always surf their website for more info. DELL, Yours Is Here.

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