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Daily Chilli - Hot,Sexy and Spicy Read Everyday

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Daily Chilli,Something Hot Everyday

Daily Chilli's tagline, "Something Hot Everyday" does lives up to expectations. Just barely 2 months, this online portal, subsidiary of The Star Online had garnered more than 1.5million clicks. Since then, it is history with some many exciting and highly rated news being dished out daily. 

Daily mainpage with menu bars for easy navigation

Its like an alter-ego of The Star newspaper, whereby The Star reports on serious matters but Daily Chilli is like the other side of it. Mostly being reported are strange, spicy, and sexy news that are currently happening around the country and the world when there's none or only a short report on it. Of course, the people in Daily Chilli are great in keeping the news portal, ahem..readable to all age group,since the title are mostly PG-13 rated (pun not intended) 

Felixia Yeap featured in Babes and Hunks section

Of course, other than news reports and findings, they have a section on Babes and Hunks, where you can vote for your favourite up and coming model cum actress cum celebrity. I have this particular model in mind which I think she deserved my vote, her name is Felixia Yeap. I felt that she has the unique features and most importantly the character and charisma. Vote for FELIXIA YEAP here. Or read bout her BOMBSHELL on quitting Miss Malaysia, such a shocker right ?

Carmen Soo !!

And of course, you get to follow some of your favourite local celebrity Twitter-ing about their daily life in Just 140 e.g. Jojo Struys, Amanda Choe and even Carmen Soo. Sounds like an All-Star cast isn't it ?
Call it a tabloid, call it a gossip portal, Daily Chilli has been doing great in triggering our attention with their very pedas news everyday. It does makes you come back for more. Jump on board and visit their website @ THE DAILY CHILLI

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