Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All American Rejects KL Concert Was A Blast !!

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All American Rejects Concert !!
It was Halloween Night, and all fans had already crowded National Stadium Bukit Jalil's Carpark A for a great time at Digi Live Music concert !! Decked out in their spookiest costumes, the fans were so eagerly waiting to watch the All American Rejects perform !!

The concert began with Disagree, Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short as the opening ad. Sam (Bunkface), Liyana (Estrella), Eddie (Gerhana Ska Cinta), Shahrul (Love Me Butch) and JD Wong (Pop Shuvit) was there performing too.

Everyone was in a mad frenzy when AAR stepped on the stage !! It was probably a good thing the on-and-off drizzle had stopped by then to not cause any unfortunate slippage ,not that it deterred the thousands of youths who completely let loose by dancing and screaming wildly.

True to Halloween tradition, lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter donned a Native American head piece and pointed out unique costumes in the crowd between songs.

Right after ending the song Fallin’ Apart, Tyson and guitarists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor tore into Dirty Little Secret, working the young crowd up into frenzied excitement.

They kept the crowd excited with some of their tunes like Swing Swing, My Paper Heart, and I Wanna. Tyson Ritter got down from the stage and sang Mona Lisa together with his fans !! Oh my gosh !!

The night ended when the All American Rejects performed an encore of their highly acclaimed single "Gives You Hell"

Watch the video of AAR interview a day before and the concert itself

It was definitely one of a lifetime concert, and every thing went on smoothly despite it being a postponed concert. Well, at least the AAR made it and thanks to DiGi and all the sponsors for making this dream come true for the fans !!

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