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Through My Window -

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Through My Window CD and Open For Collaborations note by

What is the buzz all about ? The song, Through My Window has been playing in some major local radio stations past 2 days and it's a lil catchy. But to my liking, the song really sounded great !

Apparently, the artiste of the song is still unknown.WTH ? The radio stations only received a package containing a CD of the only song, Through My Window. The best part is, it left a message on the package cover written, Open For Collaborations. WOW !!

As expected, the wave hit microblogging service Twitter. ‘Twitterville’ is abuzz with DJs tweeting about the song and followers re-tweeting, discussing and adding their comments. The tweets range from what they felt about the song to what might be.

Some radio listeners who called in thought it may be a marketing ploy to promote a new band. Others believe it to be a new social movement because of the website’s name. And according to a trusted source via Facebook, “Through My Window could be a part of something bigger”.

Several callers asked about the artistes in the song because there is no indication that they are local or foreign singers. A few radio stations and blogs have launched a hunt for more clues and the public is welcome to give opinions.

Check into their website, one can only see an orange webpage with a media player playing their single, song's lyric and of course some blurred out photos which are quite disturbing.LOLz

After listening it, I felt that it does sound very Malaysia-ish but well who knows ? cos we have lotsa talents here. Hoping to hear more songs from them.

So who are they ? is a group name or a website? Reveal yourself..

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strawberry said...

haha...when i hear dis s0ng at hot fm .i th0ugh it was bunkface singing .becoz his voice likes sam~bunkface vocalis . . !!bez gileerrrrrr................si0t!

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