Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gary Chaw(曹格) To Get Jailed For A Year

Posted on/at 4:47:00 PM by SBdude

Gary Chaw(曹格) in his sad and somber looking face

Gary Chaw(曹格)is going to be jailed for up to one year if being convicted for his HK street brawl with Justin Lo(側田) on September 23rd. Hong Kong police have arrested Malaysian singer Gary Chaw for fighting in the streets after the news was widely reported in media and has been constantly circulating around the Internet.

Gary Chaw's September 23rd fight with his friend, Justin Lo in a busy street within the Special Administrative region of China was caught on video. The clip showed Chaw, 30, attacking Lo and had at one pointtrying to bash him with a signboard.

Despite his public apology to Justin Lo a day later, the incident turned into a huge issue by the media, especially after police began investigating the case. Gary Chaw then sneaked back to Malaysia to avoid further media attention.

But it is learnt that he returned to Hong Kong on Friday upon request of the police and was subsequently arrested.He has since been released on bail pending further investigations but has to report to the police again soon.

This incident too had made him poorer when series of to be held variety shows and concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan has been cancelled due to his indecent behaviour on the street. He was reported to have lost a RM18.4mil (S$7.5m) contact with a recording company.

It was a huge blow to his career.

Here's the Gary Chaw(曹格) and Justin Lo(側田) street brawl video and incident chronology. 

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Yann said...

wow. impressive news. isn't he drunk that time? i tot drunker wont got charge? haha.

SBdude said...

well..he had destroyed some public properties along the way and caused ruckus in the public plus being captured on video's worst than xxx-tapes..haha =)

Yann said...

lol. icic. too bad he ruined his bright future. do u know what the the reason behind the fight?

YieTze said...

I tot they are good fren ?

SBdude said...

yeah..both were real good friends, till the extend of Justin Lo being a godfather to Gary Chaw's son.

2 rumoured reasons
1) over a caucasian man, who happens to be a friend of theirs was touching Justin through out that night. if this is true, its so GAY !!

2) Gary was off key on his drum when performing with Justin on stage that night.

Yann said...

1) over a caucasian man,....

if this is true that mean gary's gay rumour earlier is real? oh shit. felt sorry for gary's fans. lol.

Anonymous said...

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SBdude said...

haha yann, i have no comment on that..hopefully they can settle this outside the court..

SaNn said...

wow...this is bad for gary....

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