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Gary Chaw(曹格) vs Justin Lo(側田)

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Hong Kong-Taiwan Award-winning Malaysian singer Gary Chaw(曹格)and Hong Kong canto pop star Justin Lo(側田)have apologized for a street brawl that was captured by paparazzi, news reports said Friday. The two stars, who are reported to be friends, were photographed and filmed arguing and fighting with each other early Wednesday after leaving a Hong Kong bar.

At one point, Chaw, 30, was filmed getting out of taxi the pair were in and shouting at Lo to come out and have a fight.He then appeared to stamp on Lo, who was in the back seat. Chaw was also seen threatening 33-year-old Lo with a road sign but was stopped by friends.

Speaking on radio Thursday, Lo, better known as Zak Tin(側田), said the two had been jamming together at a jazz bar and the fight was caused by a misunderstanding among a group of friends.

"I apologize to our fans and to society," Lo said. "Now matter how serious the argument is, fighting on the street is wrong and ugly. It was a very stupid thing to do."

A report in the South China Morning Post said Chaw admitted he had been drinking and that he had kicked Lo, who had not tried to hit him back.

"I apologize to Justin, his family, record company, friends and fans," Chaw said. "I apologize to my record company, the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China who have seen the news and saw the photos. I have made a serious mistake."

Hong Kong police said Friday that they were investigating the incident after the media reports but had not received any official complaint.

Lo was a guest singer at Chaw's concert in Malaysia last year and is reported to be the godfather of Chaw's son.

Gary Chaw, who was born in Sabah,Malaysia is dubbed the "Little Heavenly King" by media. In interviews, he has claimed to be a shy person who feels more comfortable expressing himself in songs and music rather than words.New York-born Lo was first signed as a singer in 2005 and went on to record hit albums.

Gary Chaw(曹格) vs Justin Lo(側田) brawl in Hong Kong street video

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