Monday, July 6, 2009

Roger Federer - Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time!

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Roger Federer won a record 15th Grand Slam after beating sixth seed Andy Roddick in an epic fifth set 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14 in the Wimbledon men's final. Perhaps one of the longest games in history with gametime over 4 hours. Awesome !!

Wah !! that was a stagerring record and overtaken Pete Sampras's GrandSlam title record and it seems that more is on the way. Didn't get to watch the first 4 set, was at <KLIA> sending off my cousin who is flying back to London and so happen he's living 10mins driving distance from Wimbledon..WOW !!

Came and saw the 5th set one broke each other. Both are waiting for the chance for their opponents to make errors. Too bad, both are equally calm and consistently holding serve like its made of gold..Of course la, if once u got a break, the title is all yours !!

The match real tensed and anxious one. Thought Roddick could have won it cos his tennis was wicked !! Bazooka-like first serve and inch-perfect cross-court forehands and not to mention those wicked volleys at the net.

But Federer was not too bad either. Overpowered Roddick with his aces and winners by 25% more..that was CRAZY !! It all boils down to who gonna lose their concentration first and it seems that Roddick, who are moving around uncomfortably and Federer took the gamble.

True enough Roddick made 2 critical errors when the match was deuce(d) at the point where Federer was leading the set 15-14 games. That has to be said Roddick was too unlucky and if the match would had progressed further, Federer might even lose it. can you imagine, both are like machine !! Playing for 4 hours plus and a winner was still haven decided !!

Nonehtheless, it was the spirit of a champion. Playing his tennis calm and elegantly, Roger Federer, now officially the King of Tennis and reclaimed his No.1 spot in the rankings !! =)

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