Monday, July 6, 2009

Daughtry sings Gaga's "Poker Face" unplugged version

Posted on/at 11:08:00 PM by SBdude

Oh my, oh my..Daughtry can really sing this song so well..much less of the annoyance caused by Gaga's fast paced music tempo..This is so much soothing with the rhythm that's comes out from his acoustic guitar..Awesome !! What do you think ?? You prefer this version or Gaga's original cover ?? I chose this version and gives 2 thumbs up !! What say you ?? =)

4 Shot(s):

Sean Lon said...

thks alot 4!definitely this version better. rocks n not slutty-like.

SBdude said...

Thanks Sean !! high5 !!

Evelyn G. said...

OMG!!!!!!! He sing sooooooooooo nice.. I like his version. :D

SBdude said...

Hehe..glad you like this version too !! something diffren but so nice to listen to =)

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