Thursday, July 16, 2009

DAP aide mysterious death from MACC HQ.

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Shocking news !! Seri Kembangan DAP assemblyman's aide, Teoh Beng Hock fell to his death from the HQ of MACC, Shah Alam today. It was said that he was grilled mercilessly by the MACC officers from 5pm yesterday to 3.45am and was released soon after.

Teoh was not a suspect but was questioned as part of their investigations into the misuse of state allocations. WTF ?? Then how about TOYOL's RM20mil bungalow ?? I dont see him being questioned or interrogated by the MACC officers !! This is atrocious and clearly shows that MACC is on the same boat with the Government !! Unfair !!

The saddest scenario of this incident:--
It was highly unlikely that Teoh took his own life since he was due to register his marriage tomorrow. What a sad situation for his future wife and family members =(

“This tragic incident is another reminder of the recklessness of supposedly public institutions like the MACC in pursuing the goals of their political masters,” Selangor exec councillor, Elizabeth Wong said in a statement.

On the interrogating of MACC's suspects--“Even the police stops interrogating suspects at 6pm. Did the MACC think it holds powers greater than the PDRM when it interrogated Teoh from 5pm to almost 4am the next day?” she asked.

Clearly unfair !! Damn it..this better dont be the next, ISA !!

So what happened then? Did he jump? Would he and what for? Was he pushed then? Why and to cover what?

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