Saturday, July 18, 2009

8TV Shout Awards 2009 !! Thanks Sarah !!

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Performance stage

Just came back from the 8TV Shout Awards 2009 !! The atmosphere in the Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium was too awesome though the venue was small, the management managed to make it look freaking humongous on TV !! As usual,you get to many artistes and most of the are real hot babes and hot hunks !! serious !! Well,the most noticeable were Sarah Lian,Fazura,Andrea Fonseka,Marion Caunter,Marsha AF,Daphne Iking and our month of June featured Nuffnang blogger, Jojo Struys was there too !! Bands like One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Hujan, Komplot was there too !!

Naz and Cheryl won an award for GHOST !!

They all looked too gorgeous and close to perfection,make you go gaga over them !! Got to see somemore celebrity in person too like Harith Iskandar, Caprice, Naz, Cheryl Samad, The Chong sisters of Pamela and Vanessa. Overall, the babes were real HOT and the hunk was well, HUNKY lo !! In the end, many many celebrities came..It was almost stadium packed the moment me and my friends stepped into the moshpit !! What ?? THE MOSHPIT ?? but how ?? hehe,thanks to Sarah Lian la !! wuhoo !!

Was there late because we waited for Sarah's PA, Azrul to pass me the tickets,only got it when the show was about to start..I thought he almost forgotten it due to their tight schedule. Im really sorry for bugging him few times today for the tickets but at the same time really appreciate his patience and professionalism towards this matter.

Wanna know how I got the Shout Awards tickets ?? Later la only I reveal cause cause..busy la..haha =)

Really enjoyed the whole show but sad too coz have to abit earlier b4 ending coz everyone was too hungry !! couldnt watch Estranged and fei zai Sean Kingston perform !! But nonetheless everyone was very tired after going for Man United's training since 4pm and this award show immediately after that !! It was all worth it and TGIF !! Wanna express something here..
  1. Thanks to Sarah,Suraya,Azrul for the tickets..If its weren't for 3 of you, I think I wouldn't get to watch the show LIVE !!
  2. Double thumbs up to 8TV,Hotlink, and FlyFM for organizing this event.Shout Awards 2009 was a blast i tell ya !!
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