Sunday, June 28, 2009

Megan Fox - Hot or Not ??

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I'm real sure that you netizens out there should have already recognized this chick by now. Megan Fox, Megan Fox such a unique name. Relatively unknown by most of us before that-pose-at-the-car-enginebay-in-transformers make girls and boys alike drooling in the cinema..nuff said,it was history from that moment. This gal has been a household name lately with the newly released <Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen>. Is she hotter than the prequel ? Darn it, I still cant find spare time to watch her..Opps I mean that movie *sigh*

Yummay Foxxay Ladday !!

There some news surfaced on the Net past few weeks saying that Megan is a trans. At 1st when i saw this pic, I almost fell into it..this is why

The "Manly" Side of Megan

Of course those news are fake and She will always be a She and She is definitely not a He !! Get it ?? Just hear her angelic voice LOL !!

And oh I'm rather excited bout this,will there be another similar posing scene of this in T2 RoTF ??

I really hope so !! and oh i really cant wait for Jennifer's Body !!

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