Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lee Hom's Jiao Ben is still darn nice to listen !!

Posted on/at 2:42:00 PM by SBdude

Boo !! I hate Sunday sometimes especially when it's heading towards the evening. Why ?? Because Monday is LOOMING around in less than 12 hours time !! Can feel the blues dy..yikes !!

Had just done all the housework..Its time for some relaxation and the best thing to do would be listening to some slow and nice songs. Was going through some old song albums and found Lee Hom's Heartbeat album..Its been ages since I last listened to that..OMGosh !!

Decided to listen to it..and I'm so engrossed with the title Jiao Ben/脚本 aka The Script. The song is so nice but sad at the same time because of the sound that came out from his guitar is of "crying voice" accompanied with some mellow piano tunes. Masterpiece !!

Well to those who havent listen to it..give it a try, below is the video with translation and pinyin for easy understanding..Enjoy !! =)

How was it ?? Did the song put you to tears ??

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ncholas said...

Hey I really like this song too
I'm a melancholy type but anyway this song just fits best my feeling right now

I'm so curious of the song's meaning (I don't really know chinese) but your video is already removed from youtube

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