Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its Another Tennis Grand Slam - Wimbledon 2009 !!

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Yah, I think most of you people who is reading this might not even know how awesome is this game by the name of TENNIS !! Its like a game of badminton albeit it could be played on different surfaces (grass, clay and hardcourt) replacing the shuttlecocks with the mean green and hairy tennis balls =P Maybe I should explain more bout the surfaces and rules in my future articles for further understanding of the game.

This GrandSlam gonna be Federer's for the taking unless he wants it to slip away but I really doubt that, lol !! Nadal had withdrawn, both Murray and Djokovic are not being consistent from their last outings and throughout the whole year.

Ah, the Swiss maestro, fresh from being the crowned all 4 GrandSlam champ of all-time (after 14 tries) and French Open title in the bag, Federer gonna be once again the man to beat on his favourite court, THE GRASS.

Entering the 3rd day of this tournament, I had watched 2 matches that he played live on TV of course..1st match(220609)was against Lu Yen Hsun of Chinese Taipei/Taiwan in the 1st Round or Round of 128. The first set was abit shaky for Federer, perhaps he's not getting used to playing on grass yet as he skipped Halle after winning his maiden French Open title.

As usual "Fedex", as what he was well known for quickly got back to his vintage self by planting those well placed fore-hands to the baseline and not to mention his ever venomous first serve. Battled to 7-5 and eventually won the first set, the following as we expected was a stroll for him winning 6-3 and 6-2. Awesome !! Entertaining !!

Just watched the recent concluded 2nd match, Round of 64 (240609) of Federer playing against Garcia-Lopez of Spain. Federer was totally on destructive form and seems very "godly". Pushing his opponent to his limits effortless and quickly wrapped up the match in 1 hour 29 mins,6-2, 6-2, 6-4..Crazy !! It was a pure exhibition stuff only one person can do that, FEDERER is his name !! =)

Well, there are some bad news too, Wimbledon's hot chick darling, Maria Sharapova was knocked out from the tournament by Gisela Dulko..was feeling a lil sad cos I really thought she can progress further *sigh* Most probably the biggest casualty till now =(

Stay tune for more Wimbledon actions !!

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