Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Post !! OMG !!

Posted on/at 10:35:00 PM by SBdude

Ok lah, not that really excited with this new blog. Had been creating blogs for friends, family and even company ( can you imagine that?? ). Of course this blog is just for try-out and wanna feel the excitement that caused you netizens out there to blog,blog and BLOG !!

Nothing much bout me though..Im just a normal dude out there. Currently pursuing my degree in a private uni lolz. That uni I tell ya real cekik darah !! kinda getting bored with the constant changes to the timetables and fee structure =(

So yah, with this new born blog what you gonna expect in the future is that Im gonna blog mostly on what is currently happening in my "beloved" country, Malaysia and mostly on sports, music, cars and food !!

Signing out for now !! Stay tune for more !! =)

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