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Hotels To Stay During Visit To Legoland Malaysia

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Where to stay around Legoland Malaysia ?

I'm pretty sure most of you wants to visit Legoland Malaysia at Nusajaya Johor but find it a hassle to look for a suitable hotel to stay.  Legoland Malaysia Hotel will only open in late 2013 the earliest and that leave you not much choices around that area to put a night or two. My suggestion is to look for hotels around Skudai or Danga Bay. Downside of  it, its about 25mins drive away which I think its still a bearable distance.

Petting Zoo at Danga Bay Johor 

A quick check was done on Google and hotel booking sites such as Agoda and, I've narrowed  down to a few that suits my criteria namely, Pariss Hotel, Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel, Thristle Hotel, M Suites Hotel and Tune Hotel. Room rates can start from as low as RM70 off peak. The best bet to go for a more budget stay would be the boutique hotels which can be seen sprucing up around city and near Legoland. The above are just my suggestions yah and it might vary according to individuals. I also appreciate if you can share more hotels for other readers :)

Johor Premium Outlet at Nusajaya, Johor

Once you are at Legoland Malaysia, why not visit the Johor Premium outlet (JPO) and the Hello Kitty Theme Park (to open by Nov'12) and amusement themepark at Danga Bay. Definitely an awesome getaway for yourself and also your family members for this upcoming year end school holiday.

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