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Biggest Fan of Cupcakes ? You Will Definitely Love Pretty Cupcake Ideas !

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Biggest Fan of Cupcakes ? You Will Definitely Love Pretty Cupcake Ideas !

Cupcakes, it drive everyone bonkers with its own unique pastel-coloured, sugary things. But the most frequent questions are, where can I get the best cupcakes in town ? Are cupcakes sweet ? Can we order cupcakes for birthdays, weddings and festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and etc ? Pretty Cupcake Ideas has all the answers for you. :)

Pretty Cupcake Ideas to fulfill all your cupcakes crave !

"Owning a cupcake bakery is the career fantasy of our times" according to Vogue magazine and this is what Pretty Cupcake Ideas blogstore is all about ! The team behind Pretty Cupcake Ideas really love baking, and initially started off by coming up with delicious cupcakes and occasionally other baked goodies for family gatherings and parties

Yummeh-licious cupcakes ! 

The encouragement and satisfaction from seeing the happy faces of those who enjoyed our cupcakes are the driving force behind the passion of the team to continue creating more tantalising cupcakes that fulfils every fancy.

Birthday Cupcakes Made by Pretty Cupcakes Ideas

Because you don't know how to make pretty cupcakes doesn't mean you can't have and share the joy of eating one. Pretty Cupcake Ideas can provide you with the best cupcakes you can ever imagine,highly customable with just an e-mail away. 

Lovely Pink / White Cupcakes !

Pretty Cupcake Ideas is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and hopes to widen their scope of delivery areas in the near future. In the meantime, please do feel free to contact the team via e-mail at if you have any enquiries!

If you are a social network junkie, do check Pretty Cupcake Ideas out on Facebook or their website at

And for those who love seeing yummy pictures, they are also on Pinterest too!

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