Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Nike Free Run +3 Shoe and Nike+ SportBand

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Nike Malaysia - My First Nike Free Run +3 and Nike+ SportBand

I've bought my very first pair of Nike Free Run +3 running shoes at Nike Malaysia - Pavilion KL few weeks ago specially for my weekly jog. Pretty excited over this new pair of Nike shoes as its so lightweight and you can feel like you are running barefoot, thanks to its Nike Free 5.0 technology ! 

Nike+ SportBand : LiveStrong - More from your run !

Paired with the Nike+ SportBand, this is truly a couple match made in heaven :) I got the LiveStrong edition as I've heard part of the sales of this product will go to Lance Amstrong's charity foundation. The Nike+ SportBand comes with a Nike+ Sensor which allows me to track my runs and upload all my running progress / information to Nike+ Connect. Kinda cool huh !

Best jogging shoes / watch ever : Nike Free Run +3 and Nike+ SportBand

Both items are available at all Nike Malaysia nationwide. The Nike Free Run +3 is retailing at RM379 while the Nike+ SportBand retails at RM229. I know the price is pretty much steep for most of us but see it from a positive prespective, you are doing it for your own health and also look good every time you run ! Thanks to some vouchers I got from Jerasia, I only paid about half of the total bill..hehe :)

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