Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've Signed Up For The Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps Promo

Posted on/at 11:42:00 AM by SBdude

Maxis Home Fibre Internet 10Mbps for RM118 with unlimited download quota !

I've been a Streamyx 1Mbps user for quite some time and honestly speaking, it disappoints me countless times. I think its high time to jump ship to a faster speed and stable MalaysiaISP. Lately, I've been looking around for other fibre ISP and found out that Maxis is offering its Home Fiber Internet 10Mbps for only RM118 per month ! Heck, its much cheaper than Unifi's RM149 5Mbps and I just need to top up an additional RM30 from my current monthly internet fee to get 10x speed boost (technically its about 7-8 faster) !
Seamless connection and faster internet speed for your devices 

FYI, Maxis Home Fibre Internet is running on TM's backbone, so if your area has Unifi connection, its high chance that you will get the Maxis services too. Let the war of Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps RM118 vs Unifi 5Mbps RM149 begin ! Can't wait for the technician to wire the Maxis Home Fibre to my house next month :)
Maxis Home Fibre Internet is available in 1.2M home & growing !

Hurry up to your nearest Maxis centre to register this awesome time limited offer ! You get 10Mbps internet speed, Unlimited data quota, Free calls to Maxis Mobile & IDD Destinations, Maxis Fixed Lines, Additional Minutes to your Maxis Mobile, Free DECT phone and Residential Wi-Fi Modem and other VAS for only RM118 per month.

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Anonymous said...

laju tak maxis 10mbps?

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