Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yulia Kovpachik Topless In Euro 2012 Protest

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Yulia Kovpachik Topless In Euro 2012 Protest

A 23 year old Ukrainian woman, Yulia Kovpachik goes topless and seized the Euro 2012 trophy while it was on display at Kiev's Independence Square. She stripped to her waist and revealed a "F*&k Euro 2012" words just below her chest. Police immediately took action, covered her with a sheet and escort to a waiting police car. According to Reuters : -

The protest appeared to be the first action in a campaign against the championship by Femen, a Kiev-based women's rights groups which regularly stages bare-breast protests in Ukraine - and sometimes beyond - to highlight what it sees as political injustice, social abuse and the exploitation of women in Ukraine.

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