Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Purchase @ Uniqlo KLCC - May 2012

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My First Purchase @ Uniqlo KLCC - May 2012, kinda love the paper bag :)

Having visited almost all the Uniqlo outlets in Malaysia and other countries, I finally did my very first purchase from the Japanese fashion brand. In conjunction with Setia City Mall and Midvalley's Uniqlo new store opening, Uniqlo Malaysia is giving out discounts on selected items for limited time ! And yes, that includes all Uniqlo Top (UT) range for only RM39.90 a piece. So worth it right !

Off White and Blue Uniqlo Oxford M-size Long Sleeve Shirt

Since I've bought tons of T-shirts this year, I've decided to skip the UT range :( Instead, my eyes were instantly attracted to the long sleeve section. Yups, I bought not one but two pieces of Uniqlo's easy care Oxford long sleeve shirt. Was priced at RM129.90 on normal days but thanks to the current promo, I got it for RM99.90 each. 

Bold yet simple paper bag design - Uniqlo Top (UT) 10th Anniversary

Mum and I were frantically searching for every nooks and corners hoping to get more stuffs for ourselves. We left Uniqlo KLCC's outlet close to RM600 poorer,but in the end we really had so much fun shopping there. Will definitely buy more Uniqlo apparels in the future as I love the minimalism of the brand and the quality materials Uniqlo used in creating all their products.

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