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New iPad Launch - Feb 2012

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Tim Cook Announcing The New iPad !

As expected Tim Cook, The Chief Executive of Apple had promised the Apple fans that Apple is unveiling the latest version of iPad on the 7th March - namely "The New iPad" and not the iPad3 or iPad HD as rumored. Physically, the New iPad and iPad 2 resembled very closely. Apple stick to its award winning design and at the same time beefed up the internal hardware.

The summary of New iPad

The New iPad is now capable of displaying 2048 x 1536 pixels aka HD retina display, up 4 times from the iPad 2. Besides that, it is equipped with the new custom made quad core processor, an A5X chip which promises great graphics and multi tasking capabilities.Also noticeable upgrade is the iSight, capable of shooting video upto 1080p and 5MP. The main selling point of the New iPad is the 4G LTE connection to ensure ultra smooth video loading from the Net, 10times faster than 3G.

Comparison between New iPad and iPad2

Apple will start selling the New iPad in the Canada and US next week with the most basic model at $519 and 4G model starts at $649. Good news for future iPad 2 owners as Apple is slashing it by $100, pretty good deal IMO. Anyways, news of New iPad arriving in the Malaysia and Singapore market remained unknown but we are targeting around late April to May yah :) Well done, Apple !

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