Sunday, November 6, 2011

Edison Chen Photo Scandal With Teen Model Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙)

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Edison Chen Leaked Photo Scandal With Teen Model Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙)

Edison Chen (陈冠希) is again being embroiled in a photo scandal, this time with a 16 year old sexy teen model, Cammi Tse(谢芷蕙). And of course, being under tight scrutiny from the media due to his sexual escapades with other well known female artists, the leaked photos between Edison Chen (陈冠希) and Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) are published and spread like wild fire on the net.

Sexy SMS exhanges between Edison Chen (陈冠希) and Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙)

There are even sexy SMS exhanges between Edison Chen (陈冠希) and Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) to make things more spicy and exciting to the public. It is also reported that he had bought her alot of gifts and that includes a pair of rare Hello Kitty bra.

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