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Suara Kami 2011 - Malaysian Boy Video Unites Malaysian !

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Suara Kami Konsert 2011 - Malaysian Boy Video Unites Malaysian !

If you have been watching alot of ASTRO lately, the chances are you had already encountered the video, Malaysian Boy which was the result of collaboration with Altimet, DJ Fuzz, Ila Damiaa, Point Blanc and Rabbit Mac created specifically for the Suara Kami Konsert 2011 event.

According to the director, Abid Hussain on his Youtube channel.

"A remixed Malaysian (Malay, Chinese and Tamil) version of the popular Kanye West and Estelle song "American Boy", specifically composed for the youth of Malaysia. This video takes you on a journey of this beautiful country, from rural to urban, across different landscapes and people. The strong connection between Malaysians of different races and cultures convey a single message of 'united we stand'.

We were given the opportunity to pitch for this video and a timeline of only 10 days to shoot, edit and put it on-air on the eve of the Malaysian Independence day. Looking at our vision of the vastness for this video, it looked impossible but with clever production planning and great team work, my team delivered a real gift to all Malaysians on the eve on Merdeka.

"Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia" !"

Suara Kami Konsert 2011 - 12pm, 17th Sept @ Stadium Merdeka

Oh btw, make yourself free for the Suara Kami Konsert 2011 event on the 17th September from 12pm onwards and make your way to Stadium Merdeka and watch your favourite local and international acts for FREE !! Rumors saying that Paramore's gig was canceled and replaced by Pitbull.

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