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Raymond Lam 林峯 Dating Xiamen Bartender, Angel FangFang 芳芳 ?

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Raymond Lam 林峯 Dating Xiamen Bartender, Angel FangFang 芳芳 ?

Love rat Raymond Lam 林峯 name has been brought up again for the wrong reason after his recent concealed relationship scandal with Mavis Pan ShuangShuang 潘霜霜.This time he is caught dating with a Xiamen bartender by the name of Angel FangFang 芳芳.

 Angel FangFang 芳芳 posing with cabinet of trophies !

According to the media, they were together even before Raymond Lam 林峯 met Mavis Pan 潘霜霜The news of him and Angel Fong surfaced after she had posted her camwhore photo with Lam Fung's Siberian Husky - Mimi and some trophy which he displays at the background on her Weibo account.

Hermes bag that Angel FangFang 芳芳 got from Raymond Lam 林峯

Apparently this chick is a gold-digger, as each they meet Raymond Lam林峯 will present with designer brand items such as Hermes bag and a Cartier watch. Oh, she even calls him hubby !! So, there must be something going on between two of them huh ! Raymond Lam is one lucky dude, gets anyone and anything that he wants..

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