Monday, July 4, 2011

Transformers 3 Copied Scenes From "The Island" ?

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Noticed the white truck on the left side ? LOL

Have you watched the movie Transformers 3 which features robot-gasmic and a new-hottie-who-replaces-Megan Fox-aka-Rosie-Huntington? If you had already jizzed in your pants, there are a few scenes that is very obvious Michael Bay had applied from the 2005's The Island. To sum it up, do watched the so-called copy cat scene between Transformers 3 and The Island below.

To make matters worst, some of the fans already noticed that there are another copycat incident. This time is the original soundtrack (OST) score, It's Our Fight by Steve Jablonsky which sounded very similar to Inception's Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey. Concentrate and pay full attention when the score hit the climax.

Seriously, I cant differentiate the 2 scores..LOL

Coincidence or rip-off ? Anyways, Transformers 3 looked great and awesome with a spring of surprises and I don't mind watching Rosie Huntington's butt the whole movie again.

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