Friday, July 22, 2011

Fake Apple Store in Kunming, China !!

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Fake Apple Store in Kunming, China !!

We've heard alot about fake Apple products being mass produced in China. But have you heard about fake Apple Store ? Yups, apparently it is located in Kunming, China as reported by BirdAbroad. Interesting ei ? Even after browsing through the blogsite, me too got amazed of how a copy can look exactly like the real one !! All photos credited to BirdAbroad.

According to BirdAbroad, the fake Apple store looks exactly the same as the real Apple store from the outside but the main fake spotted was at the logo itself. Apple will never write "Apple Store" on its signs, just a glowing logo of the famous fruit. Even the iconic winding stairs were poorly done and the paint job was thoroughly done.

Following are some of the pictures taken by BirdAbroad in the China's fake Apple store.

The iconic winding stairs at the fake Apple Store !

Looks like they are selling the real iPad 2 in a fake Apple store !!

A pretty convincing-look-like-the-real-deal fake Apple Store.. 

I'm sure in the next few days, flights to Kunming, China will be fully booked ! Many of the curious who stumbled upon the blogpost by BirdAbroad would be eager to see the fake Apple Store !! Hehe.

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