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New Perodua MYVI 2011 - Codename D54T

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New Perodua MYVI 2011 - Codename D54T

I'm sure many of you are anticipating the new Perodua MYVI replacement set to launch in 16th June 2011 at PWTC. After a magnificent achievement in their sales department and a couple of face lifts since 2005, its high time for Perodua to introduce the new model codenamed - D54T ! The new Perodua MYVI 2011 comes in 3 types - Standard, Premium and Elegance and also in both 1.3 and 1.5 litre engine capacity.

The Back of the Perodua MYVI 2011

The 1.3 litre Perodua MYVI 2011 that is set to released soon will be priced affordably from below RM45k.

RM44,926.00 (M) Standard
RM47,726.00 (M) Premium
RM54,908.00 (M) Elegance
RM47,926.00 (A) Standard
RM50,726.00 (A) Premium
RM57,908.00 (A) Elegance

New look in the Perodua MYVI 2011

Apart from that, we also get to set a many aesthetic changes in the interior of the new Perodua MYVI 2011. A new dashboard, gear shifter ala Perodua Alza  and touch screen panel on the ICE system which I suspect only available in the higher grade models.

All in all, Perodua MYVI is a reliable car as per the previous model and the introduction of this new model has confirmed their intention to produce better and affordable cars for the Malaysian market. More details will be updated soon after the launch next week.

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