Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Craving For Mao Sang Wong ( Musang King) Durians !!!

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I'm Craving For Mao Sang Wong ( Musang King) Durians !!!

Its the durian season again in Malaysia and I'm already craving for the ever famous breed of durian also known as the King of Durian - Mao Sang Wong (Musang King) durians !! This durian is abit different from your common D24, D2 and Udang Merah (ang heh) as it has a slight bitter-ish taste yet it has a very creamy texture.
Musang King Durians on Sale !!

The best Musang King durian or formally known as Durian Kunyit that you can find are from the highlands of Pahang or to be exact, Bentong. Now it is ready available around Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya area. Though, you have to ask around to ensure you get the best grade of Mao Sang Wong durians !!

Stanley Ho Bought 88 Musang King Durians!!

So how much is the market price of Mao Sang Wong durian ?? Well if can afford it then you definitely have to fork out RM50 per kilo !! Even Stanley Ho, the Macau gambling tycoon had chartered his private jet just to buy 88 of this variety that worth RM4,800 !!

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