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Hot Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 To Star In Malaysian 3D Thriller

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Busty Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 To Star In Malaysian 3D Thriller

Never heard of Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 ? Well, I guess its high time that you must know her cause this hot Taiwanese babe will be starring in Malaysia's 1st 3D thriller - The Hunter 3D !! Featuring an all star and famous celebrities such as Carmen Soo 苏慧敏, Koe Yeet 高艺, Wincci Soo 苏盈之, Cindy Chen 陈思予 and Sharifah Amani, this movie will definitely be a top hit once it opens in the Malaysian box-office !
Malaysia's 1st Thriller in 3D - The Hunter !!

Directed by renowned Sarawak born director, Bjarne Wong, this film was shot entirely in the forest of Borneo. This movie tells a group of filming crew shooting a documentary on headhunting that was once the believe of the Borneo aborigins, only later to encounter many unwanted incidence and unfortunate events.

Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 was once linked with hearttrob Stanley Huang

For the most juiciest part of this post, we will get to Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 nude (not completely though!) in a sex scene with Malaysian actor, Isaac Ong. She promised that it will be very sexy and not sleazy. Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 is definitely heighten up the excitement of waiting for this movie to come out !

That's all for the post and hope you will enjoy the final 2 sexy but cute images of Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱. Definitely cant wait for The Hunter to open soon in the cinemas !
Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱 acting cute and showing some cleavage..lols !

A very simple yet elegant Tavani Hu 胡嘉爱

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