Monday, May 23, 2011

YTL Yes Life on iOS Simplified

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Make calls and sms with Yes Life on iOS

Have an Apple iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch ? Well, now you can call and sms by using a YES 018 number ! Now I'm pretty sure there's a big question mark on your head right now but can iPad and iPod Touch even make a call ? The answer is YES. Go to Apple App Store and download Yes Life app to your Apple gadgets.
Sign in with your YES ID in your Yes Life app and start making calls !

What this app does is it turns your iPad / iPod Touch into a mobile phone. Yes !! A mobile phone !! or add a second line to your iPhone. With a YES 018 number you can instantly call and sms to anyone from your Apple gadgets, and best of all its simcard-less !! All you need is internet connection either from your 3G data plan or Wi-Fi.

Make calls with your iPhone and iPad with Yes Life app

Yups, its not necessary by using YES 4G network, as you too can utilize internet provided by other ISP such as Maxis / Digi / Streamyx / Unifi and list goes on. So long as your Apple gadgets are connected to the Internet, the Yes Life is active and good to go to make calls and sms.
YTL Yes Life, its a trule revolutionary experience !

Good news for frequent travelers to foreign countries as you can make calls to anywhere without paying any roaming charges when you are calling from your Yes Life app !! Can't wait to discover the awesome-ness of Yes Life? I suggest you to download the app from Apple Store now and start using it !!

Subsequently, you too can watch the video here for more understanding of the YTL Yes Life app =)

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