Friday, May 6, 2011

Actress Michelle Chia To Divorce Soon ?

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Sexy Singaporean actress, Michelle Chia photo

Sexy Singaporean actress, Michelle Chia is heading towards splits-ville with her husband Shaun Chen due to a rocky relationship. The process is currently on-going and is expected to end by October.

Michelle Chia with her recent award

 I used to follow Michelle Chia hosting Yummy King with Adrian Pang and also her short stint in the Hong Kong TVB series "Yummy Yummy". She is a professional actress and a eye-candy in most of series.

Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia during happier times.

It's kinda sad to hear news of couples breaking up and divorcing. What's the meaning of love and marriage then ? If this is going to happen, I guess both parties should had a deep thought on each single details before really engaging in a relationship or even marriage.

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