Saturday, April 16, 2011

iPad 2 To Launch in Singapore,22nd April..Malaysia To Follow Suit ?

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iPad2 Launch in Singapore on 22nd April 2011 !!

Singapore will be one of the first countries in South East Asia to experience the launch/release of Apple iPad 2 as early as next Friday, 22nd April 2011 !! When will the launch/release of iPad 2 in Malaysia ? Well, an Apple retailer told me that pre-order can done in next few days as we might get same launch date as per Singapore's !! Good news yah..

The A5 chip that powers the iPad 2

Anyways, this magnificent piece of technology is already receiving lots of good reviews featuring the latest A5 chip, improved graphics but the most exciting feature so far are the front and rear cameras !!

The Apple iPad 2 will come in 2 variants - WiFi only and WiFi + 3G. Both variants comes in 3 different storage sizes - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB ! And oh, did I mention it also comes in either black or white color ?? Awesome indeed ! What's the pricing of the new iPad 2 ? This the estimated prices below since there is no change in price from iPad 1.

- 16GB at $728
- 32GB at $878
- 64GB at $1,028

- 16GB at $928
- 32GB at $1,078
- 64GB at $1,228

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