Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPad 2 Malaysia & Singapore 29th April 2011 !!

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iPad 2 Malaysia & Singapore 29th April 2011 !!

Hi all,I guessed most of you felt disappointed as the Apple iPad 2 did not go on sale last Friday due to the limited inventories. Fret not, as your one week of despair will not go to waste as Malaysia and Singapore will get the same iPad 2 launch date on the Friday, 29th April !! Cross your fingers k !!

What's the price for an iPad 2 in Malaysia ? An iPad2 16gb WiFi will set you back RM1,499 rather than getting one at the grey import shop which is selling for RM2,450 !! Source - http://techcentral.my/news/story.aspx?file=/2011/4/26/it_news/20110426123045&sec=it_news

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