Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daphne Iking Remarries and Embraces Islam

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Daphne Iking Remarries and Embraces Islam

It really shocked me when the news of Daphne Iking remarried came out in the newspaper today. Whats more shocking is the fact that she had already converted to embracing Islam. She got married on Jan 8 2011 with her husband Joe aka Azmi Abdul Rahman, a powerful business who has connection with the Redberry group, a recently re branded media conglomerate.
A lovely mother, Daphne Iking and daughter, Isobel.

I felt so proud of Daphne Iking for that she had taken a big step and courage to announce this rather surprising news after all the barriers hat she had gone through. Anyways, all the best in her future undertakings and congrats for her marriage.

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