Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Having This For Dinner..

Posted on/at 5:32:00 PM by SBdude

Awesome biggie KFC Cheezy Zinger Crunch set !! YUMMAY..

My all-time favourite burger at KFC had evolved to a bigger monster ! Yups, its the new KFC Cheezy Zinger Crunch !! Gonna whack this Zinger burger with added tomato slice, nachos,and crispy chicken strips and the jalapeno cheese sauce ! And oh, do visit to get your free size up drink.

It's a Saturday and if you have nothing to do, I suggest heading to Sunway for City Harvest Church's Pin and Needles Christmas play or to Bukit Jalil for NTV7's Star Live Concert featuring Landy Wen and JJ Lin !!

Whichever event you are attending, I bet you gonna have a great time !! Signing out..

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