Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sir Richard Branson To Dress As AirAsia Stewardess

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Sir Richard Branson Kidnapping An Air Asia's Stewardess ??

The 2010 F1 Season had ended on a high and exciting note where we see Sebastian Vettel emerged as the youngest world champion at the Abu Dhabi circuit. I bet many of you are eager to see what the result of the friendly battle between Tony Fernandez and Richard Branson. The verdict ?? Sir Richard Branson lost and has to dress up as an Air Asia stewardess.

Sir Richard Branson Receiving His Air Asia outfit !!

This came after his team, Virgin Racing had lost to Lotus Racing in the overall F1 team standing. Fernandes said Branson would be expected to wear high heels during the flight and perform tasks like any other crew member, including cleaning the toilets. And no to forget to shave his legs and put on make up too !! Oh my gosh, I cant wait to see that !!

The date of the Kuala Lumpur-London flight has yet to be set, but seats will be auctioned off and money given to Branson's chosen charity.

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