Sunday, October 17, 2010

Proton Inspira P-390A Mini Review *UPDATE*

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Proton Inspira Is Launching Officially on November 10 !!

Proton Inspira,codename P-390Are badged of the famous Mitsubishi Lancer is now open for pre-booking at Proton Showrooms before its official launch on Nov 10. Featuring a sleek body and a bevy of new and additional features, we can foresee it to be a top car among the Malaysian drivers. Starting from as low as RM80,000 for a 1.8 litre manual model, this is definitely a must-buy-value-for-money-car !!

Sneek Peak at the new Proton Inspira !!

The new Proton Inspira is positioned as a high C-segment/low D-segment vehicle and will be tentatively priced from RM79,888 to RM95,000. It come with 2 variants, a 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre CVT and INVECS-III engine which apparently either one variant is enough to give the needed ooomph !!

Side view of the new Proton Inspira

Among practical features customers stand to gain from include auto cruise, automatic light and rain sensors, welcome and coming home light system, fully automatic air conditioning system with climate control system for both front and rear occupants, and all round airbags for passengers' safety.

With a minimum booking fee of RM1,000, customers who book the Proton Inspira from today until Nov 15 will get a free two-year service or first 50,000km. The service package includes free labor charges and service parts worth RM1,658 in total for the car that will be launched on Nov 10.

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